Computer Simple ActiveX Controls 1.0
3 free ActiveX controls are included. A data aware calendar button, a data aware datecombo with drop down calendar and a drawing control that is intended to simplify the drawing of various elements in 32 Bit Visual Basic and VBScript based programs. T…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

06/17/97     2801k

IntraLaunch 1.00
An ActiveX control that allows web pages to execute programs such as EXE’s, COM’s, LNK’s or file associations. Can password protect, attach sound events and more. Great for developing Intranets web based menus.

Licensing: Sharewar…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

06/16/97     989k

WinMag’s 2,501Tips & Tricks for Windows
Windows Magazine’s complete collection of tips in downloadable ZIP format. These tips were originally published in Windows Magazine’s Special 2001 Tips Winter Issue and the 500 Bonus Tips issue.
Platform: Win 3.1, 95 and NT download

06/01/97     226k
Info Sleuth 1.1
Professional Visual Basic Programmers can’t afford the time to play Amateur Detective searching for clues to the contents of their ODBC databases. Info Sleuth can perform the search on any number of external databases and display the results in a complet…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/21/97     6428342k
Info Sleuth User’s Guide 1.1
Free Digital Copy of Info Sleuth User Guide. Revamped for version 1.1 to include new Tutorial Chapter 3, more information on how to use the Info Sleuth data aware control to connect to multiple external databases, wrappers classes for Visual C++. Complet…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/21/97     2013949k
ObjectText Beta BETA
Professional Programmers using any of the source code parsing tools currently available know that trying to find a particular string of text in their code is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. ObjectText, the 1st and only Object Oriented Parser,…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/20/97     1057508k
webScroller 1.22
webScroller offers advanced scrolling banner creation facilities, such as multiple multi-directional scrolling images, links, text, background images – all with there own embedded URL, other features include: image and text overlays, full free supp…
Platform: Win 3.1, 95 and NT download

05/15/97     16k
-Easy to Use HTML editor for advanced website creation. This has no time limit on it,please pay if you use for commercial purposes. -Webpages tutorial included PLUS a download page of other Great Web Authoring tools form other great companies.

Platform: Win 3.1, 95 and NT download

05/12/97     100k
Vulcan Biorhythm 97 1.01
Personal Biorhythm for Windows 95/NT4 with chart for Physical, Emotional, Mental and Overall state. Color printing. Save chart as bitmap file or set chart as Windows‘ wallpaper. Highly configurable chart: number of weeks to show, chart colors, line thick…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/12/97     289k
Vulcan CityDistance 97 1.11
City distance calculator with over 1900 cities worldwide for Win95/NT4. Calculates in Kilometers, Miles and Nautical Miles. Save results as text or bitmap file or set as Windows wallpaper. Shareware by VulcanSoft Member of the Association of Sharewar…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download