FTP Client

GoZilla 2.0
Download files from the fastest site with Go!Zilla. Resume failed downloads from both FTP & HTTP sites. Go!Zilla is an internet file management and retrieval system. Gather URL links to files that you want to download by simply dragging them from your …
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/30/97     917k

The Joke Collector 1.4
The Joke Collector enables you to easily store and view jokes using a category filing system, where you use joke categories to keep track of the jokes you collect. The Joke Collector features: Easy category selection using notebook style tabs; Abil…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/29/97     1623k

capture 1.0.0
Capture is a screen capture program for Windows95. It allows the entire screen, a specific window, or an arbitrary rectangle on the screen to be captured and saved as a Window’s BMP file. It also supports a time delay feature allowing pull down men…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/28/97     156k

Back-Me-Up 1.0
Backs up a list of files and directories to another location like a network, or Zip drive.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Any Windows 95/NT machine
Publisher: Kraig D. Spear Coun…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/26/97     159k

ImageAXS Pro 3.0
ImageAXS Pro (Windows 95, NT) The professional tool for managing images! Access, organize, and publish your images, sound, and video. Product Overview ImageAXS Pro is a true image database. No matter where you store the images, sound, or video file…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/23/97     5448k

Anzio Lite 1.11
Anzio Lite 1.11
Platform: Win 3.1, 95 and NT download

05/13/97     211k

FTPEdit 1.02
Edit web-pages over FTP quickly and easily. FTPEdit opens up files on a remote computer running an FTP server and lets you edit them in a stream-lined interface. Multiple accounts, explorer-like view for opening and saving files. Ideal for editing web p…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/09/97     900k

Iconcity Collection 1.8
The Best Collection of 256 Color Desktop Icons!

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Windows 95, NT 4.0 or higher
Publisher: CB Technogies
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/09/97     3200k

AutoDial 1.40
Help to connect to Internet, working with Windows95 Dial-Up Networking, auto redial different ISP numbers. Only need one Connection of Dialp-Up Networking, just input all your numbers in AutoDial setup.It’s very small but very useful.

Platform: Win 95 only download

05/07/97     50k

Advanced Disk Catalog 1.04b
Advanced Disk Catalog (ADC) is an easy to use tool with explorer-like interface which allows you to catalog the drives: floppy disks, hard drives, optical disks, CD-ROMs, ZIP disks and other removable media. With it, you are able to organize vol…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT