Resource-One Web Promoter 3.8.20
Resource-One now offers the easiest and most flexible submission software to quickly list websites and webpages with over 250 internet search engines and directories. The website/webpage information is entered only once automatically submitted. The softw…
Platform: Win 95 only download

06/16/97     2096k

The Stuart McKenzie
Heed! Move! NOW!!! Yes, now you can have Stuart McKenzie, the hard-drinking, trash-talking star of „So I Married an Axe Murderer“ on your own desktop. The author takes no responsibility for any emotional scarring that may occur on account of this deskt…
Platform: Win 95 only download

06/02/97     1300k

Xmark 1.0 BETA
Xmark is the ultimate program to organize and navigate your Internet Explorer Bookmarks. Xmark makes your Internet Explorer sessions more productive and even faster by providing the tools your need to handle your Bookmarks quick and easy.

Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

06/02/97     175k

Switch It! 3.9
Switch It! sets up multiple profiles in Microsoft’s Internet Mail program. These can be used WITHOUT rebooting Windows 95. This means that you can have different Sender names, e-mail addresses, accounts, mail servers, address books, signatures an…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

06/01/97     200k

WinMag’s 2,501Tips & Tricks for Windows
Windows Magazine’s complete collection of tips in downloadable ZIP format. These tips were originally published in Windows Magazine’s Special 2001 Tips Winter Issue and the 500 Bonus Tips issue.
Platform: Win 3.1, 95 and NT download

06/01/97     226k

Internet Anywhere Chat 1.1
Internet Anywhere Chat is a great, full featured, easy to use, Internet Relay Chat client.

Licensing: Shareware, $ 14.95
Requirements: Win 95
Publisher: True North Software, Inc.
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/30/97     1151k

ScreenPix Screen Saver 2.0
ScreenPix v2.0 (Win/Win95 shareware): Turns your favorite pictures into a screen saver! You select which pictures you want to include, what order to show them in (or random), and how long they appear for. Customize your desktop with your favorite images!…
Platform: Win 3.1 and Win 95 download

05/28/97     200k

Stock Exchange 32 2.0
$tockExchange32 is the fast, easy way to get up to date stock and mutual fund data via the Internet. Input the stocks you want to track, set the interval timer (or select UPDATE NOW) and $tockExchange will go out and gather all the latest stock inform…
Platform: Win 95 only download

05/28/97     1100k

DDClip Free Audio and Video Editor 2.20
DDClip is a nonlinear, nondestructive multitrack real-time audio and video editor for Windows 95/NT. It allows mix up to 4 CD-quality audio tracks on your PC with any sound card. DDClip is especially effective for scoring video clips, creating audio comm…
Platform: Win 95 and Win NT download

05/25/97     1830k

Knowledge Explorer 1.2
Knowledge Explorer is an interactive tool for organizing knowledge. It helps the user to record, change and search knowledge, and provides extensive error checking to ensure the internal consistency of the knowledge. The internal knowledge structure c…
Platform: Win 3.1, 95 and NT