You’ve struck gold! We’ve done all the digging for you and packaged these customized collections of the finest downloads available in the virtual mine.

Wedding Bells Pack

Get ready for those wedding bells to ring with our pack of nuptial necessities.

Pack Includes:
My Wedding Companion
Weddings, Showers and Invitations 1.1
Party Wizard 2.0
Adr_Book 5.0
„So I Married An Axe Murderer“ Desktop Theme
Environs 2
Geo Notes 0.99

Father’s Day Pack

Show Dad how smart you are this Father’s Day with our pack of programs sure to please the computer-literate guy who has everything.

Pack Includes:
Internet Logon 2.0
Test Drive: Off Road
SoundPix 2.0
The Journal 1.39
Safari Screensaver 1.2
Flags 1.01
Twinkle Bulbs 2.5

Windows 95 Desktop Pack

The Windows OS can be great, but sometimes lacks a few niceties that could make you more productive and happier with your PC. Check out our latest picks to tweak Windows 95.

Pack Includes:
BVExplore 2.0a
ClickDown 5.10
CoolClock! 1.0b
Chia Screensaver 1.0
Iconcity Collection 1.8
Say the Time 2.02
Stiletto 97d
Wav ‘97 1.0
WWSaver32 3.2

NHL Stanley Cup Pack

Now that the Stanley Cup Finals are complete, we’ve got just the thing to cool you down. Put your computer on ice with these hot and happening hockey programs.

Pack Includes:
bud Ice Screensaver
Ice Pick – NHL Fan Guide 1996-97
Ice Hockey World Championship ’96 Screensaver
RinkRat Stats Manager
NHL Screensavers

Windows Magazine’s Superior Shareware Packs

Each month WinMag’s editors highlight the hottest Windows apps and utilities. We’ve bundled their picks into some of the hottest packs to hit the File Mine.

Packs Include:
June 1997 Superior Shareware
May 1997 Superior Shareware
April 1997 Superior Shareware
March 1997 Superior Shareware
February 1997 Superior Shareware
January 1997 Superior Shareware

CMP Downloads Pack

Exploit the power of CMP’s online publications with these tools.

Pack Includes:
Netscape Navigator
Internet Explorer
PointCast Network 1.5 — Full Kit
VivoActive Player 2.0
BackWeb 2.0
Wintune 97 1.0
Active Xcavator 1.0

Hoop It Up Pack

The NBA Finals are upon us — time to sharpen your hoops knowledge, inventory your basketball card collection, and liven up your computer screen.

Pack Includes:
WiNBA 1.97
Basketball Shootout
UNC Desktop Theme
Sportcheck for Windows — Basketball Edition
Uniscout Pro+ Demo
Basketball Screensaver

Pump It Up Pack

Did winter leave your body feeling a little soft and out of shape? This pack can help you do something about it.

Pack Includes:
PC Coach 1.6
NeuroDiet 1.3
BikePro 3.0 beta
Family Runner 1.9
Running Works 2.0
Joshua Tree Screensaver
Cross Trainer

Internet Newbie PC Tool Pack

This pack gives you a set of tools that can get you up and running on the Internet, regardless of what software you already have. Remove those „Under Construction“ signs from your driveway on the information superhighway with these software selections!

Pack Includes:
Eudora Light 3.01
Netscape Navigator 3.01
Anzio Lite Telnet 11.1c
mIRC v5.02
WinVN Usenet Newgroup Reader
WinZip 6.3 beta 1
WS_FTP Light Edition

Great Expectations Pack For Mother’s Day

Weather your pregnancy in style, track your baby’s development, and teach your child elementary computer skills using these programs with motherhood in mind.

Pack Includes:
Due Date Forecaster
NutriGenie Pregnancy Nutrition 4.1
Weddings, Showers & Invitations 1.0
Baby Blocks TrueType Font
At Home Diary
New Baby Planner 1.0
Baby Screensavers
From Diapers to Diplomas 2.2
PC Baby 4.2
Talking Babysitter 1.0
Baby Keys

Ann On-Line’s Tool Pack

Ann On-Line is the world’s first talk program produced exclusively for the Internet. Discover the secrets of webcasting in this pack of tools used by Ann’s staff.

Pack Includes:
Cool Edit 96
RealAudio Encoder 3.0
Eudora Light 3.01
Intermind Communicator 1.51
Perl Interpreter 5.003

Cinco de Mayo Pack

Cinco de Mayo is more than an excuse to drink margaritas. Brush up on your Spanish, translate your business documents for Spanish-speaking colleagues or cut loose with a silly screensaver.

Pack Includes:
Diccionario 1.0
Talking Spanish 1.0
Ventanas Spanish for Windows Deluxe
Hey Macaroni! Screensaver
Spanish Helper for Business 2.0
Frases Celebres (Quotable for Windows) 1.0

Chess Pack

Wanna improve your chess skills, or just learn how to play one of the most entertaining strategy games around? Check out our pack of programs in a chess theme.

Pack Includes:
Chess Mentor 1.4
Chess Captor 1.1
Jungle Chess
WinChess 2.53
ClubMate Chess 2.3
HexiChess 0.9

Spring Cleaning Pack

‘Tis the season for…garage sales and attic organization? It’s true, spring is upon us, and it’s time you downloaded our spring cleaning helpers.

Pack Includes:
Chores and Rewards 2.03
When and Where 1.1
Chimp! 1.01
Cuisine SE 2.0
Quick Shopping List 5.2
CaTraxx 2.6
CaseLinr 5.5

Browser Plug-ins for Netscape

Supercharge your browser with the best of the plug-ins for Netscape.

This Pack Includes:
Adobe Acrobat 3.0
Crescendo Plug-in 2.31
CyberSpell for Netscape 2.0
EZ Download
Ichat 2.22
QuickTime 32-bit Plug-in 1.1
Shockwave release 12
ScriptActive 1.0
WIRL Virtual Reality Browser 1.21

April Fools’ Day Pack

The prankster in you will love our April Fools pack, full of programs to tickle your funny bone and trick your friends.

This Pack Includes:
Sneaky Mail 1.0 1.1
The Secret Diary of Bill Gates
Oddballz Starter Kit
Skorch Egg for Oddballz

Easter Basket ’97 Pack

Hippity-hoppity, Easter’s on its way! You’ll be egg-cited with our pack of programs just in time for the holiday.

This Pack Includes:
Easter Desktop Theme for Win 95
Easter 1.0
Jazz Jackrabbit
Barking Cards Lite — Easter Edition
Easter Screensaver and Wallpaper

Movie Lovers Pack

Butter the popcorn and go „Hollywood“ with our pack of programs for movie lovers.

This Pack Includes:
Movie Credits 1.2
Movie List
SmartTracker Videos 3.0p
Hollywood Rectangles
Celebrity Autograph Collector’s Guide 2.0
VuePrint Pro 5.0e

Tax Helper Pack

Add it all up before April 15th with this group of tax helpers for your PC it is a better lawer software (like you can search for on

This Pack Includes:
Computer Logger 1.0
Married Filing Status Analysis 4.0
Mutual Fund Tax Calculator 32 1.0
Oil Change 1.0
Small Business Advisor 96 for Win 4.0
Value Trend Indicator 95 1.44
Wealth Management System 8.38
Bill Clinton Screensavers

Windows 95 Small Business Pack

Small businesses can really thrive with the shareware and freeware available today — from payroll and accounting systems to time and project management software.

This Pack Includes:
Chores 1.21
Crowd Control 1.1
Medlin Windows Payroll (MWPR) 2.12
Medlin Windows Accounts Payable (MWAP) 1.42
SmartTracker Inventory

Microsoft Web Creation Pack

Microsoft has come up with a powerful group of web-related creation tools that will have you putting together the web page of your dreams.

This Pack Includes:
Internet Assistant for Word 2.04
Internet Assistant for Excel
Image Composer 1.0
GIF Animator 1.0
Music Producer
Media Manager
Internet Assistant for Access
Internet Assistant for PowerPoint

Windows 95 Elementary Kids Pack

Your PC can be more fun than pre-school. These fun learning tools will keep your kids occupied for hours.

This Pack Includes:
Animated Beginning Typing 1.1
Larry’s Master the Mouse
Flash Card Manager 3.70
Roxie’s Reading Fish 2.0
Child’s Play II

PC Game Demo Pack

Today’s PC games just keep getting hotter — and unfortunately, your wallet usually feels the heat, too. Check out these totally playable and totally free demos for a little insight on where to plunk down your dollar.

This Pack Includes:
Quake 1.06
Banzai Bug
Destruction Derby 2

Windows 95 Survival Pack

Soup up Windows 95 with this collection of must-have utilities.

This Pack Includes:
WinZip 6.2
ShortCutter 2.0
Oil Change 1.0
The Windows 95 Registry FAQ
Word Express 2.0
McAfee VirusScan 2.08
Powertoys for Windows 95
Microangelo 2.0
Perfect Keyboard for Windows 95/NT
ToolBar 1.1 95
Drag and File 3.51

Windows 95 Webmaster Pack

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional webmaster, the high-quality site you’re looking to create needs the right tools. Here are some inexpensive solutions.

This Pack Includes:
HTMLed 32 2.0
GIF Construction Set for Windows 95 (along with Paint Shop Pro)
Search and Replace 2.8
WS_FTP32 LE 4.12
OmniHTTPd 1.0 Beta 4

Windows Home and Entertainment Pack

You don’t have to spend lots of money to have fun with your home PC. You can learn more about the solar system, record baby information and listen to virtual wind chimes.

This Pack Includes:
Baby Bits 2.1
PlanetWatch 2.2
Email Ferret 0.86
Wind Chimes 1.01
Kaleidoscope 95.1
Quick Shopping List 5.2

Windows 95 Multimedia Pack

Multimedia isn’t difficult to find these days, but inexpensive tools and programs are. Look no further — you’ve found the cream of the virtual crop right here.

This Pack Includes:
Cool Edit 96 1.0
Wind Chimes 1.01
Kaleidoscope 95.1
GIF Construction Set for Windows 95 (along with Paint Shop Pro)
Microangelo 2.0

St. Patrick’s Day Pack

You won’t get pinched in the pocketbook with these screensavers, fonts, games and utilities in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

This Pack Includes:
Celtic Collection 1.0
Family Matters 3.10
Guinness Screensaver
Old Irish TrueType Font
Shamrock Solitaire Game
St. Patrick’s Day Screensaver 1.0
Virus Buster Lite for Windows 4.84.15
U2 ZOO TV Screensaver

Valentine’s Day Pack

Check out our delectable downloads in the spirit of this heart-warming holiday.

This Pack Includes:
E-Card 2.3
All Hearts TrueType Font
Jigsaw-It! Valentine Puzzle 1.0
Valentine Clock 1.3
Valentine Screensaver 2.2
Cogito’s Bouquet
Long Life Flowers 3.0
Visual Day Planner 5.1
Hearts Deluxe 1.3