April Fool´s Day Pack

Trick your friends, treat your PC like it’s a toy or just laugh out loud. This pack is sure to tickle your funny bone.

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Sneaky Mail 1.0
Got a gripe with your boss? Wanna trick your friends? Sneaky Mail allows you to send anonymous e-mails to anyone, with no immediate repercussions. You can choose any site you wish to have the mail originate from, just fill out the information and click the Send button. It’s that easy, and it works! I managed to have a friend believing they had received e-mail from the FBI, who were doing a background check on them. And, yes, it was pretty darn funny when I said, „April Fools“. This shareware allows 15 days of use prior to registration.

Licensing: Shareware, $5
Requirements: Win 3.x
Publisher: Rick McClanahan
Download size: 877 KB

Fake.com 1.1
Pull your friends’ legs with this harmless prank that will render their PC useless until you enter the „magic code“. Start up Fake.com, and the computer will display an MS-DOS screen with a „C“ prompt. Typing anything at the prompt returns a context-sensitive error message that won’t go away. Continued typing yields more error messages, causing serious consternation for anyone who’s not in on the joke. A last-ditch attempt to get out of the program by hitting the escape key blanks the screen. You’ll be the only one who knows how to „fix the problem“, with the secret magic code (it’s just four asterisks!) at the prompt. Luckily, it’s harmless, and it can be uninstalled easily.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: DOS 6.0
Publisher: Y. Winston
Download size: 46 KB

Secret Diary of Bill Gates 1.0
Bill Gates fans and Microsoft-haters alike will love this „push“ calendar, chronicling the life and times of the oft-derided grand poobah of Windows. The diary entries are reason enough to download this entertaining program, with monthly updates downloadable from Digi Day. These extremely opinionated snippets from Bill’s life aren’t exactly Bill’s word, in fact they’re not even written by him, but who cares. It’s hilarious fun and guaranteed to generate some great water-cooler conversations. Unlike paper calendars, you can begin displaying calendar pages on any day of the year, and you’ll never have to throw away another „dead tree“ calendar.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 3.x, Internet connection, Web browser
Publisher: : Digi Day
Download size: 647 KB

Computer pets? I know what you’re thinking. Pet rocks, chia pets and now this. Never fear, these „petz“ are a lot more fun, and they’ll outlive those other trendy pets. Oddballz are the latest computer petz from the folks who brought you Dogz and Catz. Download the starter kit, which contains one little oddball, then add to your collection once you’ve evaluated and purchased the program. My first Oddballz pet was Modvark, a laid-back little guy with an affinity for jazz music. He romped around the screen, bursting forth with skats and generally acting like a junior hepcat. He enjoyed being scratched and petted, and played with the supplied „atomic ball“. I got a little carried away with the transformer toy, turning Modvark into a goat, a duck, a sheep and a panda bear. Once you’ve ordered the software, you can expand your collection of Oddballz and use all of the available toys when playing with them. You can even put them in screensaver mode, so they’ll come out and play whenever your computer is idle.

Licensing: Shareware, $19.95
Requirements Win 3.x, sound card
Publisher: P.F. Magic
Download size: 6451 KB

Skorch Egg for Oddballz
Add to your collection of Oddballz with Skorch, the latest creature to hit your screen. This little guy is a baby with an attitude. He’s a newborn, but will quickly grow to be larger than any of your other Oddballz. Watch out for his personality shifts—one minute he’s playing with his rattle, cooing like an infant, the next minute he’s roaring and showing off the monstrous side that earned him his name. He loves a good game of atomic ball, and practically melts when petted. The transformer turns him into an assortment of strange characters, and it makes him get HUGE. As with any of the Oddballz, the starter kit allows a limited use of any new eggs, so you’ll need to purchase the full version of Oddballz to fully enjoy little Skorch.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win95, sound card, Oddballz Starter Kit (above)
Publisher: P.F. Magic Download size: 1257 KB

Win friends and influence people with a telephone number that spells out a phrase. It’s easy with Dial-A-Word. Enter your telephone number, and all possible permutations of the number will be displayed. Or do it in reverse, entering the word(s) you’d like, and the program will show you what number you need to form those words. Results of all queries can be saved to a file for future use.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 3.x
Publisher: Rick McClanahan
Download size: 167 KB