Chess Pack

Chess enthusiasts, from beginners to masters, will find just the thing to polish their skills, track their games, or try their hands at unique chess games in this pack. We’ve assembled a collection of chess-themed programs, including everything from a chess database to a 3-D chess game.

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Chess Mentor 1.4
Improve your chess skills, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, with Chess Mentor. Combining the power of your computer with challenges developed by experts, this interactive teaching tool is the next best thing to training with a chess master. The learning method is pleasurable, letting you choose the level of „insistence“ your instructor uses, and your „teacher“ never grows tired or grumbles. With huge amounts of valuable information, including 66 different chess challenges, hidden behind a friendly interface, this program could help you push your chess mastery to the next level.

Licensing: Demo, $59.95
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: Aficionado
Download size: 1785 KB

Chess Captor 1.1
Create chess diagrams on the fly with Chess Captor. Using this program is so similar to sitting in front of the chess board, it’s eerie. You can control how pieces move, where new pieces are inserted, what moves are made and more. No validation of played moves takes place, making Chess Captor a great utility for analyzing and replaying games. You can choose from three styles of chess pieces, the colors of the dark and light squares on the board, and save it all as a 16-color Windows bitmap file. You choose whether to capture the chess board to the clipboard, your printer or to a file. Additionally, Chess Captor is useful for making animated GIFs of chess games. Simply capture after each move, save it to file, and use a program for GIF animation to put all your captures together.

Licensing: Shareware, $5
Requirements: Win 95
Publisher: Michiel Magnée
Download size: 667 KB

Jungle Chess
Take a chess challenge that teaches lessons which could last a lifetime. Suitable for children 9 and up, through adults, this strategy challenge is a two-player game designed to boost your thinking power. Your game opponents toss progressively more difficult obstacles in your path, helping you build a repertoire of problem-solving skills that will extend far beyond this game. Strategy coaches offer tips to guide you along the way, and challenge levels advance with your skills. The large-scale 3-D graphics and comfortable interface will hold the attention of most kids — and adults. The full version of this program includes two additional games, Surakarta and Tablut, along with Strategy Safari videos that demonstrate how animals use strategic behaviors to survive and thrive.

Licensing: Demo, $19.99
Requirements: Win 95
Publisher: Edmark
Download size: 2643 KB

WinChess 2.53
Play against a friend or the computer in this intuitive chess game for Windows. With an interface closely resembling a real chess board, you can choose from three levels of difficulty. Additionally, choose the type of play, from time limiting your moves or your games to matching your opponent’s move time. Move the pieces using familiar mouse drag and drop, and display a running dialog of both players’ moves that is continually updated as play progresses.

Licensing: Shareware, $15
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: Phe Meas
Download size: 636 KB

ClubMate Chess 2.3
Record your stellar chess achievements, and your dismal failures, with ClubMate’s chess database. You can collect the games of others, for study or enjoyment, utilizing database functionality to view them on your own terms. The user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it easy to search for and find games, moves and more. Search on items including players, colors, dates, results, positions, themes, pawn structures, material and length of game. ClubMate imports ChessBase (native and ASCII types), PGN and user-defined ASCII files, and exports PGN and ASCII files. You’ll be exploiting ClubMate’s numerous features fully if you take the time to read the excellent tutorial documentation. This demo version’s functionality is limited — it cannot ’see‘ beyond the 20th move in any game, and the search is limited to finding five targets.

Licensing: Demo
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: Ian Murray-Watson
Download size: 418 KB

HexiChess 0.9
Billing as the ultimate 3-D chess challenge, HexiChess does a nice job of turning normal chess on its ear. The game board consists of three layers of hexagonal board, each with 25 hexagons. All of the familiar chess pieces are included and can be moved in all directions—moving up or down is as easy as moving in the usual two dimensions of a normal chess game. The additional dimension adds the necessity for even more strategic planning, and gives the seasoned chess player a new challenge. There’s even a secret feature of the game, that only visitors to the game’s Web site can explore.

Licensing: Shareware, $15
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: Carl Kenner
Download size: 173 KB