Father´s Day Pack

Why plunk down your hard-earned dollars for a tie, golf balls or a coffee mug, when you can download some great stuff for Dad—for free! This pack of programs has just the thing for the hard to please father, including a personal journal app to keep his thoughts organized, an exciting safari screensaver and an off-road driving game that won’t get his hands dirty.

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Internet Logon 2.0
Tired of trying to share a computer with Dad, only to irritate him each time you change his Internet Explorer user settings? Stop the madness with this app that lets you log on to multiple mailboxes with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mail and News. Additionally, it adds a single icon to your desktop with the capability of accessing all your Internet applications, instead of the usually separate ones for Internet Explorer, Mail and News. Setting up a new user, or amending a current user’s configuration, is easy and changes are saved to the Windows Registry. This shareware version lets only one set of user preferences be saved, but will give you a sense of what the program can do for you. You must register to save additional user settings.

Licensing: Shareware
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: AB Software
Download size: 1397 KB

Test Drive: Off Road
Take Dad on a wild ride in an exotic 4×4 — one that won’t even get his hands dirty. Race a Hummer, a Jeep Wrangler, a Land Rover or a Chevy K-1500 head-to-head or in a mixed-vehicle race. With two courses to choose from, this game can be played solo or with friends. The full version of Test Drive: Off Road includes 12 courses. Study the included documentation to learn which keys control vital functions, and use care in the slightly complicated installation. The graphics are nothing to crow about, but Dad could still be screaming through the mud in hot pursuit of victory before you can say, „Gentlemen, start your engines.“

See a review of the full version of Test Drive: Off Road at .

Licensing: Demo, $39.95
Requirements: DOS
Publisher: Accolade
Download size: 13376 KB

SoundPix 2.0
Surprise the father in your life with a customized screensaver — one that contains the pictures and sounds you choose. SoundPix lets you select the images and sounds you want, and even lets you set the order they appear in and how long they stay on the screen. SoundPix supports file formats including BMP, JPG, GIF, TIF, PCX and WAV. This program also works well in the office as a slide show presentation app.

Licensing: Shareware, $29
Requirements: Win 3.1, VBRUN300.DLL
Publisher: Galt Technology
Download size: 175 KB

Safari Screensaver 1.2
Take Dad on a safari—without leaving his office! This photo-realistic screensaver will have him feeling as though he’s on the African plains, as the music and sounds of the jungle fill the air, and high-quality images of cheetahs, elephants, hyenas, gazelles, giraffes and other animals move across the screen. Registration will remove the annoying shareware banners from this screensaver, and you’ll get over 40 other programs and 20 other screensavers on a CD-ROM.

Licensing: Shareware, $29
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: Galt Technology
Download size: 988 KB

The Journal 1.39
Use The Journal for your father — or yourself — to help organize thoughts and ideas for business or personal use. This easy-to-use program is also very flexible, letting you create an ideal personal journal. With powerful word processing functions, including a spell checker and thesaurus, and the ability to create multiple entry categories, The Journal is a thoughtful downloadable gift for anyone who needs somewhere to store important bits of information.

Licensing: Shareware, $20
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: DavidRM Software
Download size: 5200 KB

Flags 1.01
Challenge your father — or anyone — to this game of flag recognition. Much like a game of Concentration, using flags instead of words, this computer board game is easy to play, but hard to win. Your objective is to match groups of six national flags to the assigned order of relevance, which is different depending on what game level you’re playing. Get familiar with the flags using the Drill Flags option — this is also where you’ll end up after failing at any game level. The registered version includes 179 flags of different nations, while this shareware version contains only 48.

Licensing: Shareware, $14.95
Requirements: Win 3.1x, 4 MB RAM
Publisher: Virtual Enterprises
Download size: 38 KB

Twinkle Bulbs 2.5

Give Dad’s computer a festive touch with Twinkle Bulbs. This fun program lets you string holiday bulbs on your computer screen any day of the year. You can choose the color and shape of the bulbs, with choices ranging from standard bulb styles to chili peppers, cactuses, American flags and patio lanterns. You decide whether the bulbs flash, the flash mode and how quickly they flash. You can even add background music in MIDI format to play with the lights as they flash. Of course, I made my dad laugh by customizing his favorite heavy metal tunes — ha! The system tray icon lets you make changes to any of these settings easily and quickly. The screensaver mode of this program lets you choose between effects from realistic-looking snowfall to exploding fireworks, but includes a tag line in the center of your screen indicating you have an unregistered version. Registered users can choose from more than 40 different bulb types, compared to the 24 in this shareware version, as well as other new features.

Licensing: Shareware, $15
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: Barefoot Productions
Download size: 289 KB