Hoop It Up Pack

The NBA Finals are upon us. You’ll find the tools you need to sharpen your hoops knowledge, inventory your basketball card collection, and liven up your computer screen in this pack. Hoop it up!

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NBA Full Court Press
You don’t need TV to experience the sights and sounds of the NBA up close. NBA Full Court Press puts them on your PC. You get all 29 NBA teams with real players, accurately rendered arena floors, pre-game introductions, crowd noise and slam dunks. Hear the ball bounce and listen to announce Kevin Calabro’s play-by-play descriptions of the game.

For the full review of NBA Full Court Press, visit gamepower

Licensing: Demo
Requirements: Win 95
Publisher: Microsoft
Download size: 21811 KB

Basketball Shootout
Need a simple diversion from your workday world? This little basketball game might do the trick. Your objective is to sink five baskets in three minutes from each of the four designated hotspots. Trust me: It sounds much more complicated than it is. The graphics and sound won’t make you say, „Wow“, but the game is fun and easy to master. Besides, this game is good for your office rep — every basket you sink scores 100 points, so your coworkers will think you’re some kind of basketball whiz! This program is shareware, but the price of registration was not listed in its documentation.

Licensing: Shareware
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: TC Consulting
Download size: 1,020 KB

UNC Desktop Theme
Catch the thrill of University of North Carolina Tarheels basketball without leaving your office chair with this desktop theme for Windows. You’ll need to have Microsoft Plus Installed to easily use this theme, but you can manually move the elements to the proper places in lieu of having Plus. With everything for your computer including event sounds, wallpaper, cursors and a screensaver, your PC will have you living and breathing hoops.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 95; Microsoft Windows Plus
Publisher: Michael Ray
Download size: 829 KB

Sportcheck for Windows — Basketball Edition
Inventory those basketball cards you — or your kids — have been collecting with Sportcheck. Don’t let the interface fool you. Although it’s not the most intuitive you’ll ever use, this program packs a punch when it comes to functionality. Easily add card sets and individual cards from popular sets including Fleer, Collectors’ Choice, Hoops and Metal. Choose the condition of each card in a set, from Good to Mint. You can even view a list of rising and falling „stars,“ or cards that are gaining or losing value.

Licensing: Shareware, $29.50
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: Software Creations
Download size: 1,969 KB

Uniscout Pro+ Demo
Track basketball statistics for your community league team, or your favorite pro team, with this handy program. With an easy-to-learn interface, you can enter names of team members and track their statistics including games played, points scored, shot percentages and more. This app even lets you choose between English and French as the display language, a big plus for French speakers. The English is a bit clunky, but I found it charming. This demo version is fully functional, but displays a reminder to purchase the software any time you use any menu item. This nag screen became fairly annoying during my first use of the program. The registered version includes additional features that give you tactical comparisons, fast-break stats and faster runtime for actions.

Licensing: Demo
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: Unisort
Download size: 1,595 KB

WiNBA 1.97
Feeling left out of the water cooler discussions when talk turns to team rosters and player histories? Check out WiNBA, a guide for NBA fans. This version, for the current season, includes regular season team schedules, ratings and rosters. It even generates predictions of the teams most likely to win it all. Get this one before the season ends, and get caught up on your favorite teams.

Licensing: Shareware, $10
Requirements: Win 3.1x; VBRUN300.DLL
Publisher: Conan Brown
Download size: 277 KB