Netscape Plug-ins Pack

Surfing the Web for fun or profit can be relatively painless with the right tools. Your web browser is just the beginning. We’ve assembled a group of browser plug-ins for Netscape Navigator that are absolute necessities. Download these great helpers before your next surf session, and get ready to hang ten.

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Adobe Acrobat 3.0
Adobe Acrobat viewer lets you view documents in .pdf (portable document format) from within Netscape. Documents in this format can be more highly formatted and contain a greater choice of fonts than a document created in a word processing program. The .pdf format is cross-platform, letting documents be viewed similarly on Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s Macintosh and Unix machines. Examples of documents now available in this format include pattern cover information for sewing patterns and course-completion certificates for web-based instruction.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 95/NT, Netscape 2.0 or later
Publisher: Adobe
Download size: 3,827 KB

Crescendo Plug-in 2.31
It’s time to put your sound card to use, entertaining you while you surf. Get the Crescendo plug-in and listen to musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) music while you visit any site that offers music in this format. Thousands of sites have background music, or music you can play using the Crescendo control panel. You can control volume and preferences for all MIDI music you encounter, and you can start and stop the music anytime. The music is streamed to your PC, so you’ll hear it without breaks or interruptions.

Licensing: Freeware, $19.95 upgrade to Crescendo Plus
Requirements: Win 95/NT, Netscape 2.0 or later
Publisher:Live Update
Download size: 855 KB

CyberSpell for Netscape 2.0
This plug-in integrates with Netscape seamlessly, adding an option to the „Compose New Mail“ menu item in Netscape Mail. CyberSpell launches on start-up, and sits in the system tray of your Windows 95/NT machine. Using an extensive spelling dictionary, CyberSpell searches your outgoing mail for incorrect spellings and suggests alternatives. You can instruct it to ignore unfamiliar words, such as proper names and acronyms. This little helper will save you from the embarrassment of spelling errors in your important — or not so important — E-mails.

Licensing:Shareware, $24.95
Requirements: Win 95/NT, Netscape 2.0 or later
Publisher: Inso Corporation
Download size: 1,911 KB

EZ Download
This plug-in makes downloading files easy, saving you from being prompted for a destination location. You configure the program by setting a directory for your downloads and choosing how you want your downloads to be handled once they’re on your drive. You can choose to virus scan each file prior to installation, and you have the option of installing downloaded files immediately. If you do much digging in the File Mine, you’ll want to get this plug-in pronto!

Licensing: Shareware, $10
Requirements: Win 3.x or later, Netscape 2.0/AOL Browser/IE 3.0
Publisher: MMMMM Software
Download size: 220 KB

Ichat 2.22
Ichat lets you connect to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers and Ichat servers using only your Netscape browser. No additional IRC client is required to access real-time chat all over the world. Connection is simple, and navigation through the maze of IRC commands is easy. Neat features such as the ability to take actions with a single click are enough to make even the most seasoned IRC chatter take a look at Ichat.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 95/NT, Netscape 2.0
Publisher: ichat, inc.
Download size: 1,183 KB

QuickTime 32-bit Plug-in 1.1
The Quick Time viewer from Apple lets you play files with the .mov (movie) extension within your browser window. This multiplatform tool is the industry standard for playback of synchronized graphics, video, music, text and sound. To run QuickTime in your browser window, you’ll need to have QuickTime for Windows 2.1.2 already installed. You can find it at the Apple QuickTime site. If you haven’t already seen Quick Time in action, download it and prepare for some serious fun.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements:Win 95/NT, QuickTime for Windows 2.1.2
Publisher: Apple
Download size: 203 KB

Shockwave release 12
This plug-in lets you play interactive games, movies and sound created with Macromedia Director within your Netscape browser window. Once installed, Shockwave is launched seamlessly anytime you click on a link requiring it. Many websites have become „shocked“, especially entertainment and educational sites. You’ll be very disappointed visiting them without Shockwave.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 95/NT, Netscape 2.0
Publisher: Macromedia
Download size: 2,692 KB

ScriptActive 1.0
In the past, only Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 3.0 users were able to fully enjoy sites using ActiveX components and Active Documents. The ScriptActive plug-in changes all that, letting Netscape users experience websites using these technologies, without switching browsers. The plug-in also includes the features of DocActive, which integrates Microsoft Office 95 and Netscape Navigator. This lets you open, view, edit, save locally and print Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

Licensing: Demoware, 30-day trial
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: NCompass Labs
Download size: 2,831 KB

WIRL Virtual Reality Browser 1.21
Experience the latest innovation in web technology, Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML), with this state-of-the-art browser plug-in. You’ll be able to move through 3-D worlds and manipulate your surroundings within your browser window with Web Interactive Reality Layer (WIRL). You’ll need a bit of patience to sit through some long downloads on sites using VRML, but it’s worth the wait with this killer

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 95/NT, Netscape 2.0 or later
Publisher: VREAM
Download size: 3,905 KB