Newbie Tool Pack

Exploring the Internet can be fun, exciting and educational. However, without the right tools to do the job, getting started can be frustrating! Your Internet service provider may have given you some software to get started with, friends may have given you their favorite packages, and now you may not know where to start. This pack gives you a set of tools that can get you up and running, regardless of what other software you already have. Remove those „Under Construction“ signs from your driveway on the information superhighway with these software selections!

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Eudora Light 3.01
Eudora lets you read and send Internet mail from your computer. Although browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer let you read Internet mail, Eudora provides you with more power, flexibility and a nicer interface. Eudora can automatically sort your incoming mail into different folders so you can check just those messages that you’re interested in, and can also help you screen out unwanted junk mail („spam“) based on subject lines or contents. Eudora is easy to install and configure, which are two of the reasons it’s probably the most popular mail application on the Internet. After using it for a while, you’ll discover the others!

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 3.1, POP (to read mail) and SMTP (to send mail) support at your ISP
Publisher: Qualcomm
Download size: 4,136 KB

Netscape Navigator 3.01
Netscape Navigator is still the premiere Internet browser, combining speed, usability and reliability into a single package. Netscape also introduced the idea of browser plug-ins, which are additional applications you can download to extend its capabilities. (See our Browser Plug-ins Pack for some great suggestions!) Beyond standard Web and FTP access, Netscape also provides integrated mail and newgroup readers, which make it a one-stop-shopping package for many Internet users.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 3.1
Publisher: Netscape
Download size: 5784 KB

Anzio Lite Telnet 11.1c
Telnet applications give you a virtual terminal you can use to connect to specific computers on the Internet. Not all Internet service providers give you an account you can use to log in on their computers. If yours does, you’ll want an application like this one so you set up your Website, edit files, and generally become familiar with the operating system, if you’re so inclined. Anzio Lite emulates many popular terminal types, such as VT220, Wyse and ANSI terminals, which lets you run screen-oriented applications such as text editors from your Telnet session. The registered version makes it easy for you to print part or all your Telnet session, which can be very useful. Even if you don’t need to log in to your ISP to get on the Net, a terminal application is a handy component in any Internet tool box, and Anzio Lite is a nice one.

Licensing: Shareware, $25
Requirements: Win 3.1, log-in account at your ISP
Publisher: Rasmussen Software
Download size: 211 KB

mIRC v5.02
The Internet relay chat (IRC) concept is the ultimate in using the Internet to actually meet people and exchange ideas with them in real time. IRC consists of „channels“ that are essentially conversations you can join in on. MIRC makes this easier than ever before because it combines a friendly interface with all the basic information you need to get started with IRC. MIRC comes with a preloaded list of many of the computers that support IRC, so you can simply select a host, list the channels it supports, connect to one or more, and get started.

Licensing: Shareware; $20
Requirements: Win 3.1
Publisher: mIRC
Download size: 1638 KB

WinVN Usenet Newgroup Reader
Usenet newsgroups are analogous to bulletin boards where you can post messages and read other people’s postings. Although browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer let you read Usenet newsgroups, software packages that are actually designed to interact with newsgroups can provide you with more power and better features. WinVN is a powerful, well-known software package for reading newsgroups that supports threading (following a series of related messages on a single topic) and easy downloading of binary files (programs and images) that are posted to some newsgroups. Since WinVN is so well-known, there is lots of helpful information about it at places such as Yahoo!, making it easy for you to get it installed and configured.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 3.1, NNTP support at your ISP
Publisher: WinVN on Yahoo!
Download size: 311 KB

WinZip 6.3 beta 1
Many programs available over the Internet are provided in compressed formats, often known as archives, that make the files smaller and save you time when downloading them. WinZip is one of the best applications around for uncompressing („unzipping“) these files so you can install them on your computer. After installing WinZip and downloading a compressed file with a „.zip“ extension, just double-click on the file to uncompress it, then run its setup utility to install it. No fuss, no muss! If you’re going to be doing lots of downloading, you’ll want to get this package as soon as possible.

Licensing: Shareware; 21-day evaluation; $29
Requirements: Win 3.1
Publisher: Nico Mak Computing
Download size: 683 KB

WS_FTP Light Edition
If you’ve just gotten an Internet account and didn’t get any software with it, you may wonder how to get any of the Internet software you’ve read about. A file transfer program is the answer, and Winsock FTP is about the friendliest package you could ask for. An FTP program lets you connect to computers on the Internet and download software, usually without needing an account on those machines. Winsock FTP is simple to install, requires no configuration, and makes it easy to list and retrieve files from remote computers. You can then install the software you’ve retrieved, and start surfing.

Licensing: Freeware for personal use; $37.50 for supported professional version
Requirements: Win 3.1
Publisher: Ipswitch Software
Download size: 856 KB