NHL Standley Cup Pack

The Stanley Cup playoffs are heating up, and we’ve got just the thing to cool you down. Put your computer on ice with these happening hockey helpers. Liven up your screen, track your team’s stats or get to know the teams vying for the cup. Get these programs before the ice melts!

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In ice hockey, the worst penalty you can incur is slashing. In HyperBlade, a futuristic sports game, slashing would be considered a courtesy. To survive in this league, you need to draw blood. Try nailing your opponent with a proximity mine. Or, better yet, swing your „jak“ and lop his head off. If you can score with it, you’ll receive quadruple points. Get the idea? Bloody, violent and fun, this demo features gorgeous graphics and plenty of action. The controls are difficult to master, and there’s not much documentation to speak of, but the payoff is worth the learning curve. No Internet play here either — multiplayer support is limited to LANs.

For information on the full version of HyperBlade, visit .

Licensing: Demo
Requirements: Win 95
Publisher: Activision
Download size: 9,072 KB

Bud Ice Screensaver
Hockey and commercialism invade your monitor screen with the Bud Ice screensaver. Featuring a penguin goaltender in a hockey rink with the Budweiser logo prominently displayed, this interactive screensaver lets you hit slapshots by pressing „s“ on your keyboard. The crowd behind the goalie provides great crowd noise, including the infamous „We Will Rock You“ hand-clap sequence. This is boisterous fun for your computer’s idle time.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 95
Publisher: Budweiser
Download size: 1,660 KB

Ice Pick – NHL Fan Guide 1996-97
Need a little information on the teams that are gunning for the Stanley Cup? Get caught up on team rosters, player histories and more with Ice Pick, the NHL Fan Guide for the 1996-97 season. You can view diagrams explaining rink and player rules, get team mailing addresses and view the hockey stereogram graphic. This fact-packed edition includes regular season team schedules, ratings and rosters. It even generates predictions of the teams most likely to win it all. Get this one before the playoffs are over and the ice melts.

Licensing: Shareware, $10
Requirements: Win 3.1x, VBRUN300.DLL
Publisher: Conan Brown
Download size: 374 KB

Ice Hockey World Championship ’96 Screensaver
Let Skating Bully, the mascot of the Icehockey World Championship 96, skate around your screen with this screensaver. This cute, chubby penguin skates among the national flags of the countries represented in the world championship games and aims a slapshot right at you.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: SportsNet
Download size: 461 KB

RinkRat Hockey Stats Manager
RinkRat is a powerful tool for hockey coaches and team managers, designed to maintain statistics and manage team schedules. Suitable for any level of play, from youth and recreational teams to professionals, this program lets you maintain data for an unlimited number of teams. Enter your team data and create rosters, game schedules, practice schedules and more. Enter your game scoring data and calculate game stats including scoring summaries, player stats, team stats, league leader stats and league standings. This self-installing program will have anyone crunching stats immediately.

Licensing: Shareware, $49
Requirements: Win 3.1
Publisher: Best Effort Software
Download size: 1,194 KB

NHL Screensavers
Prevent burn-in on your screen by downloading the screensaver of your favorite NHL team. All 11 different team screensavers feature a background of the logos of the teams in the league. The logo of the featured team will float around your screen, bouncing off the edges of your display. I’ve chosen to highlight the Detroit Red Wings in this review, but all the other teams are available in our screensaver category.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: Unknown
Download size: 66 KB