PC Tax Helper Pack

April 15 is coming soon, but don’t despair. Tax time doesn’t have to be as painful with the right tools. We’ve assembled a group of programs that will have you managing your finances and preparing your taxes like a champ. Can you say, „Refund“?

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Computer Logger 1.0
If you plan to deduct the business portion of your computer use on your taxes, and you are ever audited, the IRS will request a log of your sessions. Computer Logger enables you to time and track your business and PC sessions easily. You’ll be complying with the IRS in minutes with simple one-click operations and concise documentation. It can be minimized to run in the background while you work and won’t drain your system resources. You can even annotate the logs it generates with your notes for each session.

Licensing: Shareware, $12
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: Eric Preston
Download size: 233 KB

Married Filing Status Analysis 4.0
Married couples will appreciate the Married Filing Status Analysis — it can save you from preparing two versions of your return just to see which one turns out better. This scrollable tax planning worksheet lets you enter your earnings and tax information, displaying your calculations as data is entered. The program compares what your data will look like when filing a joint return vs. filing separate returns. The DOS interface may not be aesthetically pleasing, but the time this program can save might make up for it.

Licensing: Shareware, $5
Requirements: DOS 6.0
Publisher: Ocean Software
Download size: 271 KB

Mutual Fund Tax Calculator 32 1.0
Determine your tax due on redeemed shares in mutual fund accounts for your Schedule D with this neat application. This is a godsend for the active investor who plans to prepare his/her own return. You can compute your dividends, distributions, sales and purchases on an average-cost basis, complete with all of the information required by the IRS. Using a standard Windows-style interface and an excellent help file, this program takes the mystery and misery out of calculating the tax hit on your investments.

Licensing: Shareware
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: RCCO Research
Download size: 2,263 KB

Oil Change 1.0
Yes, even tax software has become „dribbleware,“ with frequent updates for bug fixes and to keep pace with the latest tax codes. Oil Change will help you stay up-to-date with current releases of your chosen tax software, as well as many other applications you’re running. Instead of searching manually for, and possibly missing, software upgrades, Oil Change does the tough part for you. First, it examines your hard drive for installed software and catalogues the version number. Then it connects to CyberMedia’s HelpCentral database of more than 1,000 applications, notifying you of any available updates and what they do. Oil Change retrieves and installs the most recent version of programs you decide to update. The demo version will only update four programs of your choice.

Licensing: Demo, $39.95
Requirements: Win 95 (US Version)
Publisher: CyberMedia
Download size: 2,175 KB

Small Business Advisor 96 for Win 4.0
This unique program puts the knowledge of a Harvard-educated lawyer and CPA at your fingertips, and acts as a consultant on tax and legal affairs. You’ll get advice on the various aspects of developing and running a small business. From building a checklist for starting your own business to creating your business plan or deciding whether to incorporate, this program does it all. With comprehensive tax advice customized for all 50 states and Washington, D.C., you’ll recoup your registration fee the first time you avoid an IRS penalty.

Licensing: Shareware, $29.95
Requirements: DOS 3.0 or higher
Publisher: Ronin Software
Download size: 742 KB

Value Trend Indicator 95 1.44
Plan for your 1997 taxes and beyond with this feature-packed program. You can track your savings, stocks, mutual funds, 401(k) and retirement funds with Value Trend Indicator. The help file is intuitive and complete, and you’ll be calculating, projecting and graphing your future with ease. You can even become a stock market „player“ with the ability to recognize growth stocks and mutual funds ahead of the market.

Licensing: Shareware, $24.95
Requirements: Win 95
Publisher: William W. Odlum
Download size: 1,602 KB

Wealth Management System 8.38
Handle all aspects of your finances easily with the Wealth Management System. You can plan and manage your savings, investments and loans with this user-friendly product. Results of your calculations can be displayed and printed numerically or as graphs. The investment management functions are top-notch and easy to understand, and you can figure your net worth in minutes. Extensive online help will assist you when your number-crunching gets rough.

Licensing: Shareware, $24.95
Requirements: Win 3.x
Publisher: William Odlum
Download size: 331 KB

Bill Clinton Screensavers
Are you in need of some comic relief this tax season? This set of two screensavers featuring U.S. President Bill Clinton might keep you grinning all the way through your tax preparation. In the first screensaver, a cartoon version of Clinton is seated atop a bulldozer emblazoned with the insignia „Bill’s Computing Tax.“ The ‘dozer proceeds to drive across your screen, leveling everything in it’s path. Users equipped with sound cards can customize the image with sound clips of Clinton. The second screensaver features Mr. President with a nose that grows every time he opens his mouth. Registration brings additional screensavers that poke fun at good ol’ Bill.

Licensing: Shareware, $5
Requirements: Win 3.x or later
Publisher: Jim Runkel
Download size: 134 KB