Pump It Up Pack

We’re all familiar with the cycle — you make a New Year’s Resolution to really shape up this year, you begin a workout program and suddenly it’s June, and your running shoes haven’t been worn in four months! This pack of programs is designed to help you keep that resolution. In fact, it should help you continue your exercise program until it’s a natural part of your day. You’ll get motivated, learn to eat healthfully, and exercise some hard-won recreational time with these apps.

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PC Coach 1.6
Improve your physical fitness with a coach of your own. This coach lives on your PC, and, unlike human coaches, you can try this one before you buy. PC Coach can help you plan your training, record your workout data, and analyze any aspect of your sport training. The easy-to-use calendar format makes it easy to plan ahead, even months in advance. You can track numerous details of your workouts including time, distance, heart rate, temperature, pace and more. The freeform text entry field allows unlimited notes for every training session. Use one of more than 100 built-in workouts, or create your own. This demo is fully functional, but only saves the last 10 incidents of each workout when you exit the program. The registered version, PC Coach Elite, accepts add-on training programs in the PC Pro Training Series — Uta Pippig’s Marathon Training Plan and Mike Pigg’s Triathlon Plan are just two of the cool tools you can use to improve your sport performance.

Licensing: Demo, $59.95
Requirements: Win 3.x
Publisher: Biometrics
Download size: 887 KB

NeuroDiet 1.3
Learn to eat for better health with NeuroDiet. Using neural network technology to link the foods you eat with the way you feel physically, NeuroDiet „learns“ your eating habits and physical symptoms as you enter information. Monitor up to 10 physical symptoms and thousands of foods. Produce a daily list of foods to avoid, with the goal of eliminating physical problems caused by the foods you eat. The program is confusing to use at first, with your first session starting as a blank input window with no obvious clues on what to do. If you can take the time to explore the program’s documentation, you’ll find there’s plenty of help available. The inclusion of tips on start-up is a big bonus.

Licensing: Shareware, $39
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: Stephen Wolstenholme
Download size: 837 KB

BikePro 3.0 beta
Spinning your wheels as you try to improve your cycling fitness? Try this performance optimizer, designed by a cyclist. More than an easy way to record your training rides and nutrition, BikePro is also an analysis tool to help you repeat past successes and avoid reoccurring failures. To this end, BikePro organizes your data to facilitate simple correlations between peak performance days and your training and diet on those days. The resulting Performance Index compares your performance across a period of days or weeks, even when ride conditions such as weather and terrain differ. The Training Log, Diet Log and Food Glossary are all easy to use, and have an intuitive interface. Use the Event Schedule to note your upcoming group rides or races, and summarize your data in the spreadsheet-style Report Viewer. The Graph Viewer is a powerful motivational tool, with both bar graphs (2-D and 3-D) and line graphs available. Download this powerful tool now to take cycling to the next level.

Licensing: Shareware, $10
Requirements: Win 3.x, VBRUN200.DLL
Publisher: BikePro Cycling Software
Download size: 1,105 KB

Family Runner 1.9
Is your family going in a million different directions, and you can’t keep up? Try Family Runner to organize and schedule your family-oriented tasks. You can enter information, locate blocks of free time, set up recurring events, and view religious dates easily. You can even check out sunrise and sunset times for a particular date, to schedule family activities in the daylight. Print reports and calendars including information for all family members or just one, and filter those reports for events containing key words. The colorful interface and ease of use will encourage even younger children to participate in planning your family schedule. Although this review covers the Windows 95/NT version, there is also a version available for computers running Win 3.1x.

Licensing: Shareware, $25
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: <„http://members.aol.com/integracmp/“>Integra Computing
Download size: 1014 KB

Running Works 2.0
Runners, joggers and walkers can track their training, preview future race performance, and set up the ideal training program with Running Works. Although the installation is a bit clunky, and the interface screams 16-bit application, once you’ve mastered the intricacies, this program is worth downloading. You can track up to four workouts a day, categorizing them as Easy, Long, Tempo, Speed, Race or Cross-Training. Graph or review summaries of your workouts, then preview your performance at great races in the United States. The database includes the Boston Marathon, the Peachtree 10k and others. Best of all, set up a 16-week training program based on a future race date, distance and expected finish time, and calculate times and training heart rates. I discovered I might be running the 10k distance four minutes faster with a 10-pound weight loss! This unregistered version is limited to 50 workouts, lacks printing capability, and includes only five sample races of the 30 offered in the registered version.

Licensing: Shareware, $10
Requirements: Win 3.x
Publisher: Dazzle Software
Download size: 314 KB

Joshua Tree Screensaver
Escape the drudgery of work, without lifting a finger, with gorgeous outdoor scenes as your Windows screensaver. The beauty of the desert is represented well in this group of rotating images that fill your screen with color. Installation is simple, asking you to supply only a destination file. Should you ever tire of it, you must uninstall the screensaver manually, but the process is documented in the downloaded file.

Licensing: Shareware, $29.95
Requirements: Win 3.x, 256 color video driver
Publisher: Tay-Jee Software
Download size: 691 KB

Cross Trainer
Track your aerobic activity, plan your exercise goals and customize your workouts with weights using Cross Trainer. From the moment I added my personal information, I was off and running. The program requires information such as your age, height, weight, level of conditioning and workout preferences. From there, you can create strength-training workouts, track your aerobic exercise, and enter your daily food intake. Although not terribly intuitive, this program’s greatest strength lies in the planning of strength-training workouts. The workout it planned for me looked strikingly similar to the ones I used to create for clients, in my previous life as a personal fitness trainer. Too bad the computer can’t stand over you while you lift those weights, to motivate you and correct your form. The interface isn’t beautiful, but you’ll love the „low impact“ installation — no changes are made to your system directory.

Licensing: Shareware, $35
Requirements: Win 3.x
Publisher: Innovative Logic
Download size: 1,186 KB