Spring Cleaning Pack

Does the thought of spring cleaning give you a headache? Do you live in fear of the evil that lurks in the boxes in your garage? Stop worrying, and check out our pack of organizational essentials to simplify your home life.

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Chores and Rewards 2.03
It’s springtime, and all your kids want to do is play. Now you can manage your kids’ household chores, rewards and penalties with Chores and Rewards. It’s as simple as adding a kid (to the program, not your family!), adding a chore and setting up the rewards and penalties for completion of the chore. You can choose to use cash, points or your own motivational techniques as rewards and penalties, which you can track easily within the program. Print checklists of your family’s chores, including rewards/penalties standings, and reconcile chores and „payment“ with the Pay Day Reconciliation function. You can even manage your kids’ bank accounts and print checks from within the program.

Licensing: Shareware, $19.95
Requirements: Win 95
Publisher: K. Jeff Hayes
Download size: 221 KB

When and Where 1.1
Does your head spin just thinking about organizing your spring-league sports teams? Here comes When and Where to your rescue. Schedule any sporting event or activity that requires a future schedule to be built, with any number of divisions, and up to 180 teams per division. Highly configurable features including the option to specify venue and officials will support any sport’s arrangement and any level of sport from Pee-Wee to professional. Both the Win 3.x and Win 95/NT versions of the software are included in this download, and you choose which version is installed in the setup process.

Licensing: Shareware, $49
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: KazMax
Download size: 435 KB

Chimp! 1.01
Are you a list-keeper who can’t seem to find those lists? You’ll appreciate Chimp’s sticky-note-style memo pad functionality for keeping to-do lists, reminders and miscellaneous jottings in one place. The tabbed-notebook interface is user-friendly and holds huge amounts of information without cluttering your screen the way typical sticky-note programs typically do. You can run Chimp from an icon in your system tray, or launch it from Start/Programs. Notes are auto-saved, and subsequent edits don’t require any action other than typing the note. Chimp is Internet-enabled, so files and URLs can be launched directly by selecting the path/URL and right-clicking. It just doesn’t get any easier than this.

Licensing: Shareware, $20
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: Serpent Software
Download size: 842 KB

Cuisine SE 2.0
Need some help planning those family meals? Cuisine SE is a powerful, user-friendly recipe database and meal planning system. The interface is in a comfortable „recipe card“ display, and will have you entering and indexing hundreds of recipes from the moment you install it. You can group a series of recipes together into a single meal, simplifying your shopping and planning tasks. Cuisine SE will even adjust the servings of any recipe to serve more — or fewer — people. All individual recipes, as well as your shopping list, can be printed for easy reference away from your PC.

Licensing: Shareware, $25
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: SMI Corporation
Download size: 409 KB

Quick Shopping List 5.2
Keep your shopping list on your PC with this simple program. Just add any shopping item category, add items to it, save the list, and print it out for your next shopping trip. Quick Shopping List will keep a running dollar total for each category and for your entire list. Deleting categories and items, after your shopping trip is complete, is as easy as highlighting the item and clicking the Delete button. If your PC has a sound card, some events have sounds (in WAV format) associated with them, to make your list preparation more pleasant.

Licensing: Shareware, $15
Requirements: Win 3.x
Publisher: Roger D. McCook
Download size: 644 KB

CaTraxx 2.6
Tired of searching for hours, just to find that misplaced CD you want to hear? Try CaTraxx to easily organize your entire music collection. Developed by record collectors, this program lets you store a boundless amount of information on your CDs, tapes and records. Once you’ve downloaded CaTraxx, you can begin storing everything about your collection including artist, album title, format, release date, company, label, catalog number, condition, playing time, purchase price and current value, song titles, songwriters, producers, studios, musicians and instruments. For multiple entries under a single artist or album, save time by defining the high-level information first, then let CaTraxx fill it in for the remaining entries. Read track length information directly from the CD, with your CD-ROM equipped PC. You can even store special personal notes on album cover art or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Licensing: Shareware, $60
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: FNProgramvare
Download size: 2,318 KB

CaseLinr 5.5
No more boxes full of unlabeled tapes and CDs. Fussy audio collectors will enjoy the ability to create, save and print liners for audio and DAT cassette boxes. Control typefaces, fold lines and annotation styles, and import graphics in BMP format while viewing a WYSIWYG version of the liner on your screen before printing. Installation is a breeze, and the included documentation is complete and helpful. CD collectors will want to take a look at the JewlLinr version of this program, to create and print liners for CD jewel cases.

Licensing: Shareware, $18
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: Ed Adasiewicz
Download size: 5,642 KB