Valentine´s Day Pack

You and your sweetie can have a terrific cyber-Valentine’s Day with these fun and frivolous shareware applications. We’ve assembled some delectable goodies to help you manage your affairs of the heart, without having to run all over town searching for the perfect card and flowers.

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E-Card 2.3
Make your own self-contained electronic greeting card with this neat little application. You can create cards with great-looking animated templates or use your own art. Registered users can download a new card design every month. E-card makes it simple to add sound, midi music, pauses and animation to your masterpiece. Send your card via E-mail, where it will self-extract and play, or post it on your website so the world can see the evidence of your undying love.

Licensing: Shareware, $25
Requirements: Win 95
Publisher: MediaComm
Download size: 384 KB

All Hearts TrueType Font
Decorate your mushy love letters with a gorgeous font. This script font features hollow characters on a black heart-shaped background, and includes a full set of lower-case characters with punctuation. Type sizes up to 72 points will give you just the touch of class you need to impress your heartthrob.

Licensing: Shareware, $5
Requirements: Win 3.x or later
Publisher: Jonathan Smith
Download size: 43 KB

Jigsaw-It! Valentine Puzzle 1.0
Jigsaw-It is the perfect gift to puzzle your valentine. It’s an electronic puzzle that’s so close to the real thing, you’ll never have to worry about the cat walking on the puzzle pieces again. The valentine image is just one of more than 100 that you can choose to put together. Jigsaw-It even lets you create your own puzzles from photos or graphics. Sending a self-executable puzzle is easy, giving you endless possibilities for gift-giving. You’ll have endless hours of fun with this ingenious application..

Licensing: Shareware, $39.95
Requirements: Win 3.x or later
Publisher: Dynaware USA
Download size: 193 KB

Valentine Clock 1.3
Your honeybun will always think of you while gazing at their very own valentine clock. This Windows applet that displays a clock in the shape of a heart with cupid’s arrow shot through it. The program takes up next to nothing in disk space, but the display only updates every five minutes. The version I downloaded had a readme document that stated that my version was out of date, and I should contact the shareware author. If your valentine only needs a rough idea of the time, this clock might do the trick.

Licensing: Shareware, $21.95
Requirements: Windows 3.x or later
Publisher: Jesse Deutsch
Download size: 128 KB

Valentine Screensaver 2.2
Fill your sweetheart’s monitor screen with multicolored candy hearts using this festive little screen saver. Each heart is lettered with one of those campy sayings like „You’re Swell,“ „Luv Ya“ or „My Guy.“ You can even customize a large candy heart with your own personal greeting. You can’t beat this tiny application for setting the office mood.

Licensing: Shareware, $5
Requirements: Win 3.x
Publisher: Paul Sundquist
Download size: 42 KB

Cogito’s Bouquet
The love of your life will appreciate Cogito’s Bouquet, a collection of two dozen photorealistic floral bitmaps designed to be used as Windows wallpaper. The application includes the Bouquet utility, which lets you install one of the beautiful bitmaps as your tiled wallpaper. Registered users can utilize the images in any way they choose, perhaps to beautify one of the greeting cards you constructed with E-Card. Registration also entitles you to online support for one year and a bonus disk of landscape and scenery images. This bouquet is just the ticket for those of you who forget to water your plants!

Licensing: Shareware, $15
Requirements: Win 3.x or later
Publisher: Cogito MultiMedia
Download size: 667 KB

Long Life Flowers 3.0
If on-screen flowers aren’t enough, and you’ve gotta buy the real thing for your honey, Long Life Flowers can help you keep those beautiful blossoms looking their best. This application is a nicely done DOS-driven version of the book by the same name. It gives you tips on choosing quality cut flowers and making them last longer, and includes technical information on water quality and flower preservatives. Registered users get the latest version of Life Long Flowers, including extra chapters, a sample of „Flourish“ flower preservative and a bonus disk of royalty-free floral images.

Licensing: Shareware, $24
Requirements: DOS 3.3 or higher
Publisher: Australian Flourish
Download size: 614 KB

Visual Day Planner 5.1
Can’t remember your sweetheart’s special days? You need the Visual Day Planner to keep your datebook in line. This calendar features views of the month, day or week, with the option of your planner being set as your Windows wallpaper. You can set alarms for important events (such as Valentine’s Day) or recurring ones (such as your mortgage payment), with the sound file of your choice. The interface is customizable down to the font style and color. This is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use calendar for users who just need to manage a schedule.

Licensing: Shareware, $29.95
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: inKline Global
Download Size: 2931 KB

Hearts Deluxe 1.3
Wanna play games with your valentine? Hearts Deluxe is an interactive version of the classic card game of „Hearts.“ This game tops most computer card games, with excellent graphics showing the card table and your opponents, complete with facial expressions and voices. Unfortunately, sometimes garbled sounds make the dialogue difficult to understand. This game might not thrill the die-hard action/adventure gamer, but it’s a necessity for a true fan of „Hearts.“

Licensing: Shareware, $15
Requirements: Win 3.1 of later
Publisher: FreeVerse Software
Download Size: 1650 KB