Windows 95 Desktop Pack

The Windows 95 operating system may be just fine most of the time, but you’ll get more out of it with our latest picks for desktop and system enhancement. With everything from application launchers to screensavers, this pack will have you working more productively and enjoying your Win experience more.

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BvExplore 2.0a
View and manipulate any type of file with this utility. BvExplore supports many file types including CUR, WMF AND TXT, and you can add any other file type using the program’s advanced settings. Shareware mavens will appreciate the ability to view and extract icons from ANI, ICO, EXE and DLL files and make icons from BMP, JPG and GIF files.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: TMF
Download size: 1,200 KB

ClickDown 5.10

Shut down your Windows 95 or NT computer quickly and easily with this utility. ClickDown places an icon in your tray, next to the clock. Double clicking on this icon will shut your PC. A right click on this icon gives you a customizable pop-up menu. Place any menu item you like on this pop-up menu, including Shut Down, Restart the computer, Restart Windows, Restart in MS-DOS mode or any other command you’d like to have easy access to.

Licensing: Shareware, $8
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: Cermak Technologies
Download size: 1,310 KB
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Cool Clock! 1.0b
What’s the time? It’s time to get CoolClock. This animated, digital-style clock is displayed right on your desktop, not in a window. With a built-in CD-player and CD wake-up alarm functions, it’s also very configurable. You can scale the time and date to any size, using any font.

Licensing: Shareware
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: No Need to Refrigerate Software
Download size: 600 KB

Chia Screen Saver 1.0
Have you always wanted your own Chia garden, but can’t bear to buy one? Grow your own, right on your screen, with the Chia screensaver. This simple screensaver features a clay-like background with a green foreground that expands as your Chia garden „grows.“ With no sounds or gee-whiz effects, this screensaver may have to grow on you before you love it.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 95/NT; MSVBVM50.DLL
Publisher: Britton W Smith
Download size: 54 KB

Adopt some Esheep, and let them play on your screen while you work. This fun program sends a cute, cuddly little sheep falling from the top of your screen each time you start it. The sheep interacts with your open windows — walking, climbing, bumping into things, sleeping, even being abducted by an alien spaceship. The longer you let the program run, the more trouble this little sheep gets into. Run the program several times simultaneously to get a herd of little Esheep, all interacting with each other.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 3.1x
Publisher: Unknown
Download size: 310 KB

Iconcity Collection 1.8
Tired of looking at the same old icons you received with Windows? Try this collection of 256 color desktop icons on for size. This huge collection of more than 100 icon files contains everything you need to use them, including the necessary utilities. You’ll get cartoon figures, holiday scenes and more. This should be enough to keep you busy for days.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: CB Technogies
Download size: 3448 KB

Say the Time 2.0.2
Ever miss an important appointment because you were working so hard you forgot to look at the clock on your desktop? Say the Time will actually speak the time for you, in any increment you choose. Create multiple alarms to remind yourself of meetings and tasks, and to run system utilities such as ScanDisk or Defrag. You can even associate special sounds with the alarms you set.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: Impaque Technologies
Download size: 1,152 KB

Stiletto 97d
This task launcher looks tiny on your screen, fitting in the space of the title bar of a maximized window, but packs a huge amount of functionality. Configure Stiletto so any mouse button starts a command, set up multiple task launcher bars and up to 50 named launch menus and submenus, or use it as a sophisticated task switcher. Run Stiletto on top of all your other windows for easy access, and control all aspects of window management including closing, minimizing and maximizing windows. Set alarms and reminders, control your wallpaper and change your system sounds in one place. With more than 80 built-in commands, you may never have to configure commands of your own, but the ability is there and easy to use.

Licensing: Shareware, $22
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: Bruce Switzer
Download size: 694 KB

Wav ’97 1.0
Looking for a simple way to look through your library of WAV files? This tiny, user-friendly program lets you browse through your Windows sound files using an Explorer-style interface. Click on any folder on your hard drive, and only the WAV files in that folder will be displayed. The minimal text included in this program is in French, but it’s so easy to use and follows the Win interface so carefully you won’t be deterred by it.

Licensing: Freeware
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: Baptiste
Download size: 27 KB

WWSaver32 3.2
Display the collection of JPG, GIF and BMP files you’ve gathered as a screensaver. This desktop enhancer gives you full control over resizing, positioning and tiling of your images and lets you add any sound to changes between images. Select any of the 15 transition effects to give your image changes an edited feel. Preview any changes on your screen before you set them in motion. Registration includes a license for the companion WWPlus32 Wallpaper Manager.

Licensing: Shareware, $29.95
Requirements: Win 95/NT
Publisher: Arcata Pet Software
Download size: 2,400 KB