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Superior Shareware – April 1997

Each month WinMag’s editors highlight the hottest Windows apps and utilities. The April picks have an internet address book, a multimedia player and even an app that will perform scheduled web tasks when you’re not around.

This Pack Includes:
AutoWinNet 95
Beyond Compare 1.3a
EZ-Viewer 3.3
FlickerFree Player 1.01
Hard Disk LED 1.1
Internet Accelerator 4.1
JackHammer 1.0
GIF Animator
RAS+ 95
WorldMerge 2.1

Superior Shareware – March 1997

WinMag’s March picks are in and we’ve got them here for you. This month’s top ten includes an improved NotePad app, a web search utility and a screen magnifier.

This Pack Includes:
Cool Edit 96 1.0
Excite Direct
Microsoft Camcorder
Microsoft Music Producer
NotePad+ 1.11
PKZIP for Windows 2.50
PhotoImpact GIF Animator
Pointix Engine
Screen Loupe for Windows 95/NT 3.1

Superior Shareware – February 1997

The February top ten provides pager notification via e-mail, some extra security and and app that will help you find and delete old files from your system.

This Pack Includes:
Avenger (formerly E:PAGE)
Crowd Control 1.1
Hex Workshop 2.2
HTMLed 2.0
KeyView 5.0
Morespace 95
RADFind 96 1.0
Schedule Wizard 96 1.3
Virtual Places 2.0

Superior Shareware – January 1997

WinMag’s apps and utilities o‘ the month will give you password protection, an e-mail search app as well as a FREE e-mail client.

This Pack Includes:
007 for Win32
Diskeeper Lite for Win NT
Email Ferret 0.86
HyperTerminal Private Edition 3.0
KeysPlease 95.1
Odometer for Windows 95
Paint Shop Pro 4.12
Pegasus Mail for Win32 2.5
WinShade 2.0
WinU 3.2