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Sign freeware programs here:

If you know good and reliable freeware that appears not in our directory list, then they can sign them. Provided that we offer your software or freeware program here that you want to offer this completely free and distributed to other users.

So if you’re a programmer, then you can simply log in our upload area. Make sure that you provide your correct data. Fakeanmeldungen be promptly deleted. Sign in with your correct information, we control this.

Once your account is activated, you can log in with your personal login and upload your program or software.

The advantage is that you can always update your program description, and whatever can set a new better and newer version. We will test the software or the program and activate it if necessary.

NO hosting costs they incur – and we share your software for others to download

Until your software is tested, it may take up to 7 or more days.

Please note that all entries here on the page you are completely free!